12 Gorgeous Natural Afro Hairstyles (Quick, Cute & Easy)

Thanks to the AU naturale hair movement, more and more back women are embracing their natural hair. Plus, because of online media, one can get creative and experiment with variety of natural hairstyles. In fact, there are many natural hairstyles for black women, so you’ll find some ideas and obtain styling!

If you would like some inspiration for natural hairstyles, then here are 37 of our favourite natural hairstyles for black women.


Knots - Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Knots are traditional hairstyles in some African cultures. you’ll create this hairstyle by twisting sections of the hair and ‘wrapping around’ each part, and using thread to secure the knots and keep them in situ .

2Twist Updo

Twist Updo

Updo hairstyles are often created during a number of the way . An updo is elegant and excellent if you would like a hairstyle for formal functions. It also works well as protective style for your hair.

To create a twist updo, split your hair into three different sections (one at the front and two at the back) and traffic jam each part. Plait the rear sections into cornrows, then plait the ends together. Then, take the front section and split into a couple of parts, and with each part, plait into double-strand twists. Once you’re through with that, connect the twists and join them together. Add a pin to secure that a part of the hairstyle. And you’re done!